Hello There!

Hello! I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather and today is certainly a beautiful day. I promised to share all things Godly and everything God and I’m going to make GOoD on that promise starting now. I have a short story trilogy that is still a work in progress but never fear I will share Soldier as multi week postings and also share a warrior photo or two. I classify my writing as non-fictional fiction. Because the Bible is very real and I ask the reader(s) to “imagine” which is the key word for fiction.

All of my material is copyrighted should anyone wish to reprint or distribute any of my written material please ask for permission and I may even be willing to print, bind, and send you an authentic copy of what you’re interested in. The plans for all of my written works is to print them and offer them as chapbooks with extra perks such as warrior photo and description cards. Okay, enough and so without further ado the following post will be the first part of Soldier. 


With Much Agape Love,


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