To my humble edge of WordPress. I acknowledge who I am and boldly confess that I am a child of God–not just any G(g)od but the true, living God. Sometimes life and our journies can be a bit confusing, chaotic, and even discouraging especially if we’re destined to go in one direction and we want to take an extremely different path. That choice can cause the waters of life to become troubled and if we’re not careful we will surely sink and/or drown. That statement becomes a serenade of warning…..I can hear the lyrics of one of my favorite hymns….”there’s a storm out on the ocean and it’s moving this way, if your soul’s not anchored in Jesus you will surely drift away.”, and may I add that when your water becomes troubled it too has the potential to cause one to drift away as well. I realized that I couldn’t afford to drift away so I decided to obediently accept the fact that the gifts that I have been entrusted with need to be utilized while I have the opportunity to do so.

I’ve been given the gift of creativity. I’m not perfect but I’m perfectly creative in God’s eyes, I suppose and if He puts it in my head to complete and my heart to share I will definitely post it here in my blog for others to share and/or enjoy. Things such as poetry, inspirational one liners, blended photos, short stories, and other forms of encouraging influential material.

Again, welcome to my blog I look forward to you visiting, reading, and sharing anything and all things Godly!


Much Agape Love,



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