Soldier Part I

Imagine if you will, the “armor of God” that all Christians are encouraged to put on as being something concrete in nature. Although, we know the principalities that we wrestle with are supernatural in nature we still have to fight in order to survive and advance to the next level of life. Now, imagine living in a time when warfare was more barbaric and raw in nature; and the soldiers that have been determined to defend what they believe and trust in and stand firmly in doing so, even if it means certain death a true soldier may wear armor, their hearts and flesh may bleed, but they are made of stone.

Alas the tale begins…….

In the midst of what may be day or even night the air is thick with mist that carries the blood of many on the air the ground beneath our feet is no longer solid instead it has become one large pool of the essence that was life and still …we fight on.

There are many suits of armor that lay upon the ground empty; the soldiers that once occupied them have either chosen to walk away from our ongoing, intensive battle or they have been consumed by the darkness that we fight and some day will prevail against. I decided long ago that I wanted to fight for the King of life with the hopes of reigning with Him someday when all battles and wars will cease to exist.

He never promised that our lives would be subtle or even seemingly humane but He did promise those who so chooses to fight for Him eternal life. I stand at the gates of His kingdom with only a mental glimpse of what is inside by way of His words of promise and I am determined to see Him. Most of all it is my desire to run to Him and seek comfort in His arms as I hear Him say, “Well done thou good and faithful servant.”

Meanwhile on the battlefield….

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