Will The REAL Soldiers Of God Please Stand Up!

Ephesians-Card-Revised.pngGreetings, greetings in the name of the Lord my brothers and sisters in Christ! It’s another beautiful day in Gods small haven that we call earth. Today I am posting the young lady that heads the first part of the short story Soldier. I’ve removed the transparency and overlay so she’s presented to you as she was built with a new overlay of Ephesians 6:11-20.  It’s advisable that we be sure to examine ourselves on a daily basis to be absolutely sure that we have every component of armor on that we should be wearing, and should some of us have missing parts or our parts have become rusted, worn, or damaged we should seek the help of God for restoration.

The card I post today introduces Destonazia. There are two armies and more than likely I will not reveal all of them online but in the chapbook trilogy that is still a work in progress. Be sure to share the good news of God. Many blessings.

With Much Agape Love,


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