Here It Is…Finally

1462224487_tmp_Sould_Out_CorrectionIt’s official–I’ve been Soul’d Out now for some years and although it’s been and still is an experience that’s a thing of individuality I wouldn’t turn back for any reason.

Some may ask me what all of this means and I’d tell you that it’s not just an experience but a movement and more people should be making the move to get closer to God.

Soul’d Out is the message that God gave His only begotten Son so that we would be given the opportunity to reign in Heaven with Him some day. It’s all about salvation that came about through the crucifixion of Jesus…He paid the price so we wouldn’t have to and now what we would have had to “pay for” is FREE. If you’re going to sell out sell out to God and return the soul that was born in sin back to Him as a thing of purity and reside in everlasting rest, peace, and life but you MUST seek this wonderful gift before it’s too late. It seems as though people will run for freebies any other time but when it comes to salvation, which is also free, it’s just left sitting on the table and it’s not until the shadow of death hovers over some people that they’re ready to repent and expect eternal luxury. But, what have they done to deserve such peace? I’m NOT God so I’ll leave that up to Him but I think I’ll keep my “freedom” and tough life out until He pulls my time card and clocks me out.

Tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us so why not sell out to God today?! We were promised eternal rest not an easy journey. I don’t mind the difficult journey getting to Heaven, but to labor in vain or live in sin knowing that damnation is on the other side of eternity awaiting me is nothing but heartbreaking torture. I guess what I’m saying is why live in a Hades environment now and then end up in Hell for eternity with no relief from misery. No, no…..just let me endure now so I can rest, worship, and praise God in Heaven infinitely.

As I mentioned before everything on my site it copyrighted BUT the good thing is I’m working towards offering merchandise so that you too can show AND tell the world that you’re SOUL’D OUT too.

Okay sell outs enjoy the rest of your day and God bless!


With Much Agape Love,



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