Soldier Part II


I gasped as I took a blow to the helmet. Oh, what pain…am I going to live? The soldiers around me continued to fight as I slowly drifted to the ground in anguishing pain with one hand above the red darkness reaching out for assistance. I could do nothing more than cry out for my Lord in a heartbeat of a second three soldiers managed to search the blood filled darkness they recovered me and assisted me into the chapel, which is our place of refuge, healing and shelter although dazed and confused I was still able to count the number of soldiers that came to my rescue, which was three but somehow there were four. I was taken in and laid at the altar. The soldiers, three as I saw again began to pray for God to watch over me, heal me, and allow me to return to our ongoing war. I reassured my brothers and sisters that all would be well and reminded them how crucial it was for every soldier to stay alert and prepared as I myself had not done and had become a victim of my own precarious assumptions. Pain that’s earned is a lesson surely learned. I bided my fellow soldiers a farewell and asked that God be with them.

As I laid at the alter with my eyes closed I meditated deeply and sought relief from the immensely disabling blow that I had taken which impacted my helmet, the helmet of salvation. I could sense that I was not alone and knew the presence was not one of my own. Out of the shadow of the smoky essence of burning frankincense and myrrh came a shadow whose armor did not fit well; a true servant of God wears his or her armor well.

This was not a soldier, a soldier no doubt but not of God. It had disguised itself well and intruded the temple, it had defiled our place of sanctity and pure worship and this would be the day or night that one of Satan’s foot soldiers would be cast back into the darkness by me alone as I purged it from our house.

The quiet darkness continued to slowly approach the alter where I lay. I resumed my prayer which was not just for healing but for the strength that I would need in order to slay this demon sending it back to its pit only to have to fight it as many more times as necessary.

To be continued…….

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