A Mother’s Day Request To God

Dear Lord,

I thought I’d take a few seconds to thank You for my mother. Life hasn’t always been a heaping helping of honey but that’s a normal thing, I reckon. You know– I never had to worry about my mother walking away from me when I went through that “looking for myself, doing it my way,” rebellious stage or being so tired and fed up that she wanted to throw her hands up and leave me and my siblings without parental direction, thank You Lord. It was difficult at times to be obedient but I realized that everything she taught me was for my well being and to make me a better person and a respectable young lady. Shoot my mother never grew tired or weary; she knew she was there for the long haul and so did we, her children. I can tell she’s proud of her hard work. By being an only girl I’ve endured so much and I’m extremely tired but I don’t think I’d trade or change the experience of being my mother’s daughter for anything in the world. There’s so much more that I could say but I couldn’t tell it or even thank You enough for my lifetime experience. I do, however, want to thank You again for my mother. She has had to be a mama more than a mother at times but her love never changed or differed. You and I can laugh about that one because those that read this will never understand what that (motherly mama) means but we do and so let’s laugh some more.

Oh and Lord, before I go I’d like to ask you for a very special Mother’s Day request…..sigh. Here it is:

I’m not a mother but my mama is a mother and a motherly mama and….well…..I’ve been thinking. See it’s like this….if You don’t mind….since my motherly mama is so special –when You’re ready to pull her time card and clock her out of this life would You please reconsider it and instead give her a little bit of overtime? If necessary, you can shorten my years and give them to her. I promise I wouldn’t mind at all. It’s just that she’s been such an unselfishly good, motherly mama and well…I want to give something extra special back to her. I have given her time and love and I have nothing else to offer that’s precious enough and well now I humbly ask You to extend her life and shorten mine if needed to let her live on a little longer. Like I said, I have nothing else left to give either of you. You own my soul, my flesh is submissive to your will and I’m my motherly mama’s daughter so the decision is up to You. So, after pondering this request of mine I surely hope that You favor her sweet little self and extend her life until…..

Love Deeply, Love Always,

Your Servant



Exodus 20:12 – Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the LORD your God is giving you.

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