The Prince And His Mansion

Good day to you my followers and friends! This is the day that the Lord has made and what a beautiful one it is AGAIN.

I try not to concern myself with a lot in this old world but I continue to see headlines regarding, the now deceased singer, Prince Rogers Nelson. Those of us that have any type of compassion often do concern ourselves with the deaths of public figures and /or icons and this young man had an enormous fan base. It’s been revealed that he had previously purchased a mansion which was a private transaction that remained unknown until well beyond his expiration. I couldn’t help but look over some of the photos but lost interest quickly and went on about my business but not before I read some of the input from other readers. I came across everything from –“I wish I was there”, “I wish I owned that”, and “wowzers”to one person that specifically said: “I think I’m going to start a go fund me page to raise money so I can go there.” It’s nice to enjoy the serene beauty of nature especially the local of Prince’s mansion. I’m almost convinced that he didn’t get the chance to enjoy it and then my heart sinks.

So, you’d like to know why my heart does a sinking dance when I think about Prince and his mansion and the fact that he probably didn’t get to enjoy it nor will he ever it’s simply because THAT, my friends, was one of those earthly treasures, I’m not judging him or anything else…extravagant things can be nice if one can afford them. And, I GUESS I can understand all of the hoopla but he was one man in this world of billions and his concealed mansion was just one mansion in this world of many. I’m just concerned about all of the hype because the Prince of peace has contributed more to the world than Prince Nelson ever could and Prince Nelson’s mansion could never be as breathtaking as the Heavenly mansion I long to live in one infinite day. And not one person has mentioned The PRINCE and His Heavenly Mansion, at least not that I’ve read or heard about. Everybody misses Prince Nelson and longs to live in or visit his mansion. My soul longs to SEE the Prince of peace and desires to dwell in His Heavenly mansion.

How about you?! Be blessed!

With Much Agape Love,



P.S. I was once a die hard Prince Nelson fan and then I gave my life to God, received the Holy Ghost and decided to follow what has now become my obsession…..trying to love and please God harder and harder every day. See….I’m in love with a Prince that owns a Mansion too.

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