Soldier Part III


I continued to hear the armor coming closer and thus I slowly turned my head and managed to open my eyes I could hardly see through the bloody, distorted shield of my battered helmet but I managed to see the sparks of friction before the figure was finally standing over me. I had hoped to see the actual face of darkness, anger, hatred, lust, or even despair but instead I saw the face of one who had fallen not only into the darkness but into the clutches of natural and supernatural death. Satan is cunning and wise at times, this deadlocked armor had the appearance of one who was once a dear friend but no more. Being a soldier of compassion, love, and consideration I looked into the empty face and knew nothing caring, considerate, or compassionate was present but there was still something in my heart for this fallen friend. I assumed the dead armor thought I was too grief stricken and pain filled to defend myself as it reached out attempting to remove my armor by going for my breastplate, it stands for righteousness and I will not allow the righteousness of God to be taken from me so easily. After some unsuccessful attempts it began to tug at my already battered helmet, it is my salvation and of the strictest importance as every other component of my armor in its completeness is. Before I knew it I was in the middle of my own battle, the personal fight for my right to life and passage into eternal bliss.The harder I struggled the more blood I lost. I fought with all the strength I had, there were no intentions of giving up or giving in. If this mass of trickery wanted my armor he had to kill me. If I perish I will do so standing up for the only man that I know and love so much that I will indeed sacrifice my flesh for as He has done for me. I wrestled with that wretched henchman for as long as I could before calling out to God.

“Jesus, Jesus my God I know You have not forsaken me, give me the strength to send this demon from the temple back to the depths of hell.”

That moment the grip that clutched my pain wracked flesh began to loosen. I was exhausted and weak but still very much alert. During the struggle I failed to notice the blood loss had become minimal and my vision was not as distorted. Darkness retracted itself and I began to sense the presence of fear in the temple. I laughed and remind him that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

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