Her Son, My Sun (One For Mary) Text Only

Her Son, My Sun (One For Mary)

I was sitting and thinking about how much I love the Son of God and then it dawned on me that I’ve never told His mother how I feel about her Son. So, I gathered myself , sat down and allowed every honest, pulsating beat of my heart to send the strength of my love for Him to my fingertips that I might pour out some of my deepest feelings and wrote a note to Mary regarding her Son Jesus whom I consider to be my Sun. My abbreviated letter can be viewed below.

My Dearest Madame Mary,

I’m sorry to address you so late in my relationship with your Son, Jesus, but I considered that since I had met His Father that everything was alright lately I’ve had a change of heart. I told Jesus that I was going to let you know how much I love Him so please forgive me for such a late introduction. I love your Son so very much that there are no general words to express how I feel.  I’m infatuated, no wait….I’m OBSESSED with your Son and it doesn’t matter that I have yet to see Him. I stood before a large congregation and accepted Him in my life; I promised to love Him, honor Him as always being the first person in my life, and to be obedient to His word. Oh Madame…I must tell you that it gets difficult at times but He’s so very patient with me. He does so much for me. He’s a provider, healer, lover, confidant, and my very best friend. You know, some women desire to smell a preferred cologne on their husbands but me….I long to smell His sweet, natural fragrance instead of something that’s man made and bottled up for the masses. I want something authentic and I’ve got it.  We have our up’s and down’s and honestly if loving and following Him in this life were easy I don’t think I’d put forth very much effort, none would be required and it certainly wouldn’t be exciting or interesting. Madame, your Son is my Sunny Obsession and my Sweet Infatuation and I can’t get away from Him, what He’s given to me radiates from the inside out, a wonderful, unexplainable thing that brings about very special feelings and when He holds me in His big, masculine arms I drift off into a sweet, peaceful rest without a worry or a doubt. He gives of Himself to others tirelessly and endlessly. I’m almost jealous of His relationship with others; I want Him all to myself but He reminds me that He’s a man of unknown stature and there’s more than enough of Him to go around. I don’t mean to be selfish but that’s the way one feels when putting the task of really loving your Son and putting Him first in their lives. Madame, I love your Son, Jesus, from the deepest depths of my four chambered heart to the point of infinity. I stand for Him when He’s being persecuted in today’s world, I cry so that my heart hurts when I read the horrible things that people say about Him. He assures me that things will soon be alright but gives me no definite date or time.  Finally, Madame Mary– God could not have made a better choice than you to be the mother of His only Son. Thank God for you and thank God for my sweet Jesus. Oh, and Mary…….. I truly, deeply, sincerely love your Son, my Sun(shine), whose name is Jesus.






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