Soldier Part IV (Finale)


I couldn’t explain how quickly I had been revived, my strength had been renewed and I was ready to fight. I encouraged myself with intermittent laughter with each laugh I began to feel more strong than weak and delighted in every belittling word that I could spew out of my mouth toward the manipulative contraption of death that had just moments ago wrestled with me. The phantom of evil once again approached me all clad in a veil of contention. I now challenged my enemy.

“You were looking for a fight and now you’ve got one!” “Were you only interested in fighting me in my weakest moment?” “You don’t appear too enthusiastic but come now please allow me to shed some light on you and kill the darkness.” He wrangled his head as if he were stretching before some sort of game. During this entire episode he never uttered a word until now; “Salt of the earth, I will dissolve you before completely eliminating you.”, these words were sent to me on a deep, coarse, vocal plane that rumbled at the end like a growl somewhat similar to the roaring of a low flying plane.

“Really, I asked, “should I be afraid of that empty threat?! I am the salt of the earth; I am also water soluble how unfortunate for you that I am the salt that will continue to be even if in a different form. You must remember that salt imparts flavor and makes a distinct impact wherever applied despite any attempt to get rid of it and despite your attempt at trying to get rid of me, I will always linger on your palate long after this war is over, there is no water in hell and who would know that better than you, eh.”

“Your God has done nothing for you, you are delusional. He’s playing tricks on you. He wants you to believe that you are strong enough to fight me but you aren’t even ready to go back to the battlefield. What is it that is said to be necessary for those who serve Him in order to be pleasing to him, something about having faith? Yes, faith is probably what you think you have. What is faith to you, you useless being?! You will see here in a few short moments that faith is nothing more than a simple word. Your God has abandoned you, if He hadn’t He would have never allowed me to hit you in the head and make my way in this place to finish you off. You really are an idiot because I have come to kill and destroy you. Why would you want to serve in a kingdom where the King allows His soldiers to be abused, tortured, and even killed and sometimes they’re killed slowly like I have plans to kill you, you pew polisher.”

It was then that a certain indescribable feeling came over me. I dropped my head but not in despair, shame, or dread this was so different I couldn’t explain it even if I tried. I was instructed to share a final conversation.

“So the rumble has made more noise. You should be at some type of party because you’re nothing but a noise maker; noise makers are thrown away after they are used so….that within itself makes you the one who is useless. Besides, Rumble, you are contributing to global warming; you’re a lot of hot air. Thank God you can’t heat Heaven up. I’ve never been the one to humor anything as vile as you but I do enjoy sharing knowledge and truth. I will now share some knowledge with you. Being the foul thing you are doesn’t make you ignorant does it? No, you are wise, deceitful, and cunning and you know my God will always make a way of escape for those that are His and rest within His peace. You, scum of the pit, are also familiar with Hebrews 11:1, so you know what faith is as well.”

I felt almost forced to walk toward hell’s minion without even lifting my head to see where I was going. The more steps I took the less I felt like myself. I courageously confessed that I had faith in God and reminded him that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

As I stood upon him I asked, “Death I have all of my faith in God, do you have faith in God as I do? Do you believe that He is here right now getting ready to send you back to hell?” I began to laugh. I raised my head and the temple began to shake, the doors flung open.I allowed myself to continue to be used as an instrument of riddance. I almost singlehandedly lifted this heavy burden up and carried it outside of the temple. As I stood on the entrance step to the temple the frankincense and myrrh encircled my head like a halo I looked to the right of me and there in the ground was a thick metal rod of which I then impaled the beast.

This battle has been won but the war is long from over.

…..this epic saga continues every single day. Be sure to always wear your armor because he’s in the air and we can’t always see him so just be prepared.



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