Something To Think About

The Cousins

One day two cousins were conversating about their mothers, who were sisters. They were talking about the creeping ailments that had began to affect their mothers. One of the cousins had confessed to the other that his mother had began to have sporadic episodes of dementia and at times she didn’t recognize them. During one of their visits a conflict arose but the full details of the issue were never revealed; anyway the Chief of police ended up coming to the house. The cousin said when he opened the door the Chief saw who he was; he told the Chief that his mother mistakenly dialed 911 because she didn’t know what she was doing. The Chief told him that he understood because he too had a mother dealing with the same uncommonly, common health issue he said the police turned around and left without really making a thorough welfare check on the ailing lady. The cousin admitted to the other that the reason he probably got around a lot of red tape with a hint of favoritism was because he knew the Chief of Police and that they were buddies.

The other cousin thought about what the first one had said and in her mind she wandered through a maze of questions and finally pondered on one thing:”You may know the Chief of Police and he may be your buddy and he may have called himself turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to this situation but…. do you know Jesus?”

You see mankind will tolerate the intolerable and accept the unacceptable and assume everything is fine. God doesn’t tolerate the intolerable or the unacceptable and He doesn’t turn a deaf ear or blind eye to the things that are done “in the dark” because sooner or later He will expose every wicked frame of that dark film and post it on front street for everyone to see.

Now, that’s something to think about.

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