There in a city, not too far away ruled a lone king. That king was a man of righteous humbleness and chose to travel the narrow road to persuasion and peace instead of the pathway to war and confusion.

Under the king’s supervision was a lowly young lady that was beyond reliable. The king considered the young lady to be like a daughter to him. Unfortunately, this lowly but sweet, yielding young lady was stricken with an incurable disease. Day in and day out she was loyal to the call and needs of the king despite the many days of ill feelings she continued to go about her business. One day she became extremely exhausted and assumed she was alone; she could hardly stand and when she felt she could go no more she found a corner and rested her weary back against it. As she stood there with her eyes closed a single tear trickled down her cheek and a powerful voice confirmed the acknowledgement of her weak appearance. She quickly opened her eyes to see the king standing behind a pillar only revealing a part of his face. She asked the king for rest but he refused to allow such. It wasn’t because he was harsh or even misunderstanding but he wasn’t ready to let her go.

Seven days came to pass and the king approached the young lady as she ended one of her long days and asked her to stand before his throne the next morning so that he could make a decision. He softly stroked her face to comfort her in that hourstrength, she looked at him with hollow eyes as she mustered the strength to pencil a thin smile upon her dry lips.

Morning came quickly and the young lass got herself together she used all of her strength to push the massive door open to enter the kings quarters. She could tell he’d been seriously pondering her case for a while, perhaps all night and that he did. He told her he didn’t sleep because he’d taken her request into consideration:

King: My child, I’ve watched you grow in so many ways and I must say that I am pleased with the things you’ve done in your life and with your life.

Girl: Oh my king will you grant me rest? I’ve been faithful to you and have obeyed your every word and now I kneel before you as you sit upon your throne and plead for rest. I shouldn’t like to think that you are being mean by forcing me to keep going when I hardly have the strength to dress myself.

King: Oh my child no, I wasn’t being harsh I’ve watched you and I know and see the pain and tiredness and therefore have decided to give you rest. I judge you to be a good person at heart, a lady of obedience and uprightness and I now relieve you of your duties and will allow you to rest.

Girl: Thank you my king, before I go I have to let you know how much I love and appreciate you for everything you’ve done for me from the smallest things to the biggest. I do thank you from the depths of my heart.

The king arose from his throne with a heavy head and an even heavier heart and stood over her as she still kneeled in his presence. He touched her bowed down head and realized that her slumped over body was no longer kept warm by the fluid of life. He laid her lifeless body out in full across the platform of his court, turned away and stood in the chiseled window looking down upon the population wondering if he could ever find another to replace her as he, himself, now mourned.


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