Mature Inspiration and Encouragement

Greetings in the name of our ONEderful, Sweet, Savior Jesus Christ! It’s been a few minutes since I’ve posted. The things I had planned for a specific time frame went awry due to some ongoing health issues. Sickness may slow me down physically but the fire in my heart and my mind continue to burn and turn for God, it’s hard to stop a train unless it’s derailed or perhaps broken down– I’ll never completely be neither.

I was thinking about mature people. I’m not just talking about the phase of mental maturity that comes with years either. I’m speaking of that AND the wisdom that goes along with that. The wrinkles, lines, furrows, and even the gray (grey) hair doesn’t necessarily mean you’re OLD; if you’re ADVANCED in age and have these things it just means you’ve conquered and overcame a lot of things in this lifetime and survived. Baby, you’ve jumped hurdles that even some blue ribbon, Kentucky Philly’s (Phillies) could NEVER EVER get over. And to those of you that read this and you know of a SPECIAL person like this be sure to tell them how much you love and appreciate them and then share some newfound  wisdom with them as payback for all they’ve shared with you. Exodus 20:12 instructs us to honor our father and mother so that we may live long lives– it doesn’t matter if these mature people are your parents, they may be a parental figure or just someone that you know deserves such reverence. Let them know that don’t nothing get old but the devil and his ways. Personally, I don’t even think objects such as clothes, cars, music or anything else get old they’re just well seasoned items that need a break in life like we do at times.

Stay blessed!

With much Agape love,

His Lady In Waiting,



P.S. I have several hand bound copies of Circus ready to go and some manuscripts of my complete book Beyond The Pew: A Deeper Level In God ready to be cover bound and as promised I will be doing a giveaway. I’ll be giving away 2 copies of Beyond The Pew and 2 copies of Circus and I’m working on SOUL’D OUT merchandise that will be offered in my storefront. Stay tuned my faithful friends and followers. Again, God bless!!❤❤❤❤


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