….And You Are, Which?!

I’ve been thinking–that can be a bad thing or a good thing but this time it’s a GOoD thing.

Thinking about the word CHRISTIAN. I looked at the word and was given the wisdom that I understood immediately.  There are two subsets of CHRISTIANS or more, on one hand you have christIans and on the other hand you have CHRISTians. What’s the difference between the two, well, it’s quite significant.

CHRISTians are those of us that clearly allow God to lead us Christ is in the front and the head of our lives and can make a way and more if there is no way to even be considered; something helpful will come about and it may be more beneficial than expected or thought to be. Now, christIans on the other hand may “have” Christ in their lives but He’s in a lowercase status and they, themselves, choose to be CAPtain of the ship venturing in all sorts of dangerous water.

I don’t know the first thing about sailing a ship or anything else so I prefer to be a CHRISTian I think it’s best to follow Christ He’s never lead me astray or misguided me yet. It doesn’t matter that every day isn’t the bright, sunny day that I would prefer them to be.

So, have you thought about your status? Have you assessed yourself, if so, which one are you?

Stay blessed!

Always His Lady In Waiting,

With Much Agape Love,


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