Old Rattler

Hello everyone! Today’s post comes from my mother. My mother has been on the battlefield for God for a long time, she’s a licensed Teacher/Missionary ordained to teach the word of God whenever and wherever she’s lead and or invited to go. I hope you all enjoy this tale from her and by all means I encourage you to comment or share your Rattler experience(s).


Old Rattler

by: Mrs. Lucille Worthy (licensed Teacher/Missionary)

C.O.G.I.C (Church Of God In Christ)

This is the story of an Airedale Terrier named Rattler, he acquired his name because when it came to playing with dangerous things he loved taunting rattlesnakes. Rattler was owned by a well seasoned, wise man that lived in a rugged, mountainous area. The two would constantly go out exploring and hunting in the land.

One day while out exploring the hills old Rattler came upon a sizable rattlesnake. Old Rattler leaped back and forth and to and fro picking at that old snake determined to push the envelope with it. Carefully observing his dog the man asked Rattler to stop picking at the snake because at the time he posed no real threat to either of them but old Rattler just kept right on—being persistent and hardheaded. The old man continued to try to discourage Rattler from following that snake but he just wouldn’t stop. Before either of them knew it Rattler had strayed far away from the old man and just feet within the danger of a large, black hole. Noticing the hole Rattler finally stopped and looked back only to see his master further away than he’d ever been while rummaging the hilly terrain. The old man once again yelled out telling Rattler to come back to him; torn between dangerous fun and loyal safety Rattler whined in confusion. The old man’s final coaxing words alerted Rattler that he had strayed further off the path of safety and he told Rattler that he could not come down the hill where he was. In his undecided confusion Rattleronce again looked up the hill at the old man only to turn around again and see the large snake fall into the hole. At that moment the valley rumbled and the ground shook, with that Rattler ran back up the hill to his master and realized that although being by his master’s side may not ALWAYS be exciting or adventurous it was indeed safe and meaningful. That day Rattler leaped and bounced around with joy and happiness before they continued on their journey.

What I got out of this tale was a cautionary warning that you can’t serve two masters at the same time. If you play with the devil he’ll lead you to destruction, if you heed the words of THE MASTER you can avoid trouble and death. Rattler hated to give up that snake but he was warned and saved in the nick of time. Do you know a Rattler? Are you a Rattler?! If you know of or are a Rattler you should listen to the voice of the Lord, you know He’s calling you to come back to the realm of safety before it’s too late.

God Bless!


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