Body Slam The Boogieman

Body Slam The Boogieman

The house is really packed
Just like me, they been waiting for this match
I’m a sincere lover and a serious fighter too
Ooo that Boogieman don’t know what I’m about to do
Lord, if you don’t mind I’d like to use an alter cloth to wrap around my nape
I plan to make it the representation of a sacred and holy cape
Well, I got my gloves on and it’s time to step out
Woo wee listen at the crowd as they cheer and shout
Here I am ya’ll, I am in the PLACE
Come on Boogieman let’s do this face to face
I’ve stepped in the ring
And the bell just went DING
I’ve opened up this match
With a punch, kick, and a slap
We both did the wrong thing, I turned my back
My cape he snatched
He refused to give it back
For that I wrestled him to the mat
Hi-ya a karate chop; make you into chop suey
Eww a piece flew in my mouth…gag, gag kablooie
All you have to do is give me back my cape
Oh you slobbered on it now and rubbed it in my face
I had just planned to soften you up but you done made it worse
If I could I’d send you out of here in a platinum hearse
That’s it—FOR REAL—look out dark knight
I’m on top of the ring and I’m about to take flight
Yee ha boing, bloosh, splat
I done crushed you now flat to the mat
I gotcha all springy like a rubber band
In a choke hold–now who’s the Boogieman(?)

See, all I want him to do is leave me alone~ AND GIVE ME BACK MY CAPE.

©2016 Carla D. Johnson

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