She Was A Rose (A Family Tribute)

She Was A Rose

A seed of hope planted in a plot of meticulous ground

You sprang up and went forth with magnificent leaps and bounds

You were like a rose that had a certain elegant beauty

Accepted and responded to so many a call of duty

You endured particular heartaches and everlasting pain

Never losing one single petal no matter how hard it rained

Wherever it was I saw you, you’d always brighten my day

You had a way of understanding and knew just what to say

The uncertainties in life could never keep you down for long

I’d look up and there you were again moving right along

God allowed you to thrive with us for a blessed number of years

And then I heard of the freezing cold snap and I was moved to tears

I couldn’t believe it, it just wasn’t so

Some of us weren’t ready for you to go

My Lord has granted your soul sweet rest

Being the father, he knew what was best

A bittersweet farewell to you my never changing rose

Oh, how I’ll truly miss you but only God really knows




©2016 C.D Johnson















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