Fact #2–I’m Not Strange

Fact #2–I was the only one in my family that endured odd encounters and uneasiness.


The days after Christmas were delightful especially for me because my biological father would give money to my maternal grandmother to go shopping for me. My mother married and moved us to Ohio Well, on one of those leisurely fun filled, post yule evenings I was upstairs overwhelmed with what I should play with and well I went for my dolls and then for the little Easy Bake oven. Yeah, I had one and I tried to be a normal little girl but I just couldn’t grasp on to all of the weird things that happened around me and that affected, seemingly, only me. Anyway I had made up a little batch of cupcakes for my little oven. I was happy, playing and minding my own business. My oldest brother wasn’t there and my mother and stepfather were downstairs watching television. I was about to go down to tell my mother I was going to use my little E. B. Oven but when I got to the steps I was scared out of my wits. I didn’t make it downstairs right then because my stepfather was coming up the stairs trying to scare me. I declare to this day that it was him slowly tipping up those steps at me with a stocking cap on and a purple shirt up to his face; the only thing I saw was his eyes….glasses and all. I dropped everything, ran back and hid at the foot of my bed. I waited on him to come and finish scaring the life out of me but he never came. I gathered the courage to finally run but in the process I tumbled down the last few steps. I made it to my mother and with a frown she looked at me and asked what was wrong and wanted to know why I was running. I began to cry and told her that my stepfather had tried to scare me. They looked at each other before my mother told me that he had been there with her the whole time watching television. It made sense because he was relaxing—reclined in his favorite chair with his arms folded behind his head and his slippers on as he always did after a long day. There’s another reason why I look back and accept that it wasn’t him…..that man didn’t own not ONE single purple shirt. Oh, and this was at our other house he owned two and we would go from house to house to live. Never understood that but we can’t say he didn’t make use of both homes. I’m not strange. I’m just blessed with what sometimes feels like a curse.


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