Fact #4 I’m Not Strange, I’m Just Blessed

And we hit just about the middle of the scales here with fact number four.

Fact #4–After we relocated from Ohio to Tennessee I rarely got a good night’s worth of sleep.

I though but didn’t think about my personal torture as a young girl and when we moved from Ohio in December 1980 into our small town’s East side public housing (projects) I went on about my business being a child and making new friends. For several years I felt as though I had newfound freedom from any and all worries but I was mistaken. I entered my teen years with a certain zest for life and sought out independence. And, as long as I owned a bed that had a foot and headboard I would never get a real night of peace. Every bed that I had until I was 22 years of age had what would become my worst comfortable enemy. Each night I would get in bed and before turning my light out I would lay and look around my room as if I were waiting to see something or someone. Oh, how I dreaded turning out that light and some nights I would leave it on until I was drowsy enough to go right to sleep or I’d make it a point to listen to the radio. You see, I wasn’t granted a lot of restful nights because after I’d go to sleep my bed, well footboard, was hastily shaken so that I would wake up. It was startling and depressing but mostly unfair that whomever or whatever it was had followed me again and this time would hinder me until I found out how to detach or outsmart it. Even now I sleep in a bed without a headboard or footboard because it’s what makes me comfortable at least I’ve been able to sleep a good percentage of the time; I’d say that I’ve spent at least 50-60% of my life afraid of what I didn’t understand and couldn’t see until I gave my life to God because now I’m equipped not only with knowledge but wisdom and the appropriate battle gear to have the peace that I seek at all times. Should you or someone you know be in a similar situation do NOT seek the answer(s) by looking to the occult instead talk to a firm, trusted believer in Christ and look to Him for the answers you desire.

Be blessed!

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