Fact #5 I’m Not Strange, I’m Just Blessed

Fact #5– After his death, I had an opportunity to converse with my grandfather but refused to do so.

I was a junior in high school when my maternal grandfather passed. He had a very large family and despite barely eeking by at times himself he continued to provide for his children and grandchildren when they were in need. I’ll never forget the year after his burial I managed to go through my yearly ritual of contracting the flu. I can’t ever remember a year that I avoided it. But, that year my grandfather obviously wanted to continue his house to house visits and check on those he felt needed more attention. The night that I was so very sick I couldn’t and didn’t turn my bedroom light out but at the same time I didn’t want to hear the radio either; all over aching, a pounding headache, a stuffy nose and my asthmatic lungs were so suppressed with chest discomfort that I didn’t know if I was even going to live. I was awaken by a coughing spell and coughed so much I was in pain when out of the blue I heard my grandfather’s voice in a raspy whistle call to me out of the living-room asking me what was wrong. He never bothered anyone else in the house and being so sick I sat up in the bed and plopped backwards without one word. He continued to want to take care of his family even in death. I still wonder to this day if I should have said anything to him or if such would have been inappropriate.

I’m not strange, I’m just blessed with what sometimes feels like a curse.

Be blessed!


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