Fact #6 I’m Not Strange, I’m Just Blessed

Fact #6–As a more mature person in Christ and allowing my gifts to go full bloom I was able to help a desperate cousin to move out of a house that imprisoned some ugly memories from its past.

I’m no ghost buster, or medium, clairvoyant, nor anything else that defies the words of my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. And, in return I show Him that I am appreciative for the gifts that he has bestowed upon me. I have a cousin that seems to move every few months or so which is a difficult task already for most of us but evidently the norm for her. She made a grave (no pun intended) mistake when moved from one unhappy house to another and that time I would be the one who would help her break free.

A cute, little, white house that was abandoned for some time was something she couldn’t resist. She asked the owners and they gave it to her without hesitation. I wonder why?! I can answer that question of sincere rhetoric with one sentence–IT had history. It made me help her to start researching the land and ultimately the address. We weren’t satisfied with some things that we found out about that little piece of subtle hell on earth so I continued to begin to fear that little “sadness in the box” house. Until one day she came and got me; I was tired of the fear that I had regarding her bathroom, I never used it and hated walking past it. What I like to call my gift of discernment kicked in and I could no longer hold on to what I was hearing and that day I disclosed some of that sadness.

I was hearing an older lady screaming, it was blood curdling and sad because there was no one to help her and there was no one to help me. As I began to tell her and her daughter what I was feeling, seeing, and hearing her daughter took her baby and opened the back door and stood outside. I’m glad she did that because the entire time I was telling them about that house all of our hair stood on end; my cousin showed me her arm hair standing up and told me she felt as though something was brushing her on her legs. That little house with the dead memories all of a sudden came to life-full of noise. Not to mention the front door that didn’t have one iota of mechanical issues suddenly wouldn’t open, it was as if it were glued or barred shut. The next few days lead her to find an apartment and she moved rather quickly but while I was in the house helping with boxes I would hear the floor creaking behind me and was aware that I was being followed. With no one else in the house, I turned around and told the lady following me that I was sorry for her misfortune but that I couldn’t help her in any way. I know there was more that took place there but I just didn’t care to tell more or even investigate further. In the end one of my mother’s sisters finally told her that an older lady had perished tragically in that house and her death involved the use of oxygen.

I often ask God to deliver those types of restless souls and allow them to leave the living alone until He’s ready to judge us all. Did she follow me home? Yes, she did but she knew where she belonged. You see, I don’t care to have the uninvited waking me up by playing with my feet and my mother didn’t enjoy hearing what she thought was me going through the books on the book rack that was in my room in the late night, early morning hours.

These are NOT problems for the occult, these are issues that we should ALWAYS seek help and guidance from God.

I’m not strange, I’m just blessed with what sometimes feels like a curse.

Be blessed!

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