Fact #7–I’m Not Strange, I’m Just Blessed

Well, we finally come to the finale for sharing my tales of the strange. Alas, here is number seven.

Fact #7–I sought psychiatric counseling because I thought I was crazy.

Yeah, it’s very true! I couldn’t get away from being a different, sometimes difficult and ALWAYS misunderstood person so I assumed that there just had to be SOMETHING wrong with me. So, I sought psychiatric help. I was able to walk out of the office that day with more reassurance that I wasn’t entirely crazy. I was told by that particular professional who asked how long I’d had these abilities that I was not the only one to seek help for these experiences. Furthermore, they had saw several like me and as an interesting comparision we had all began experiencing things at a young age. As anyone may know I choose to use the gifts that I’ve been entrusted with to glorify God, which is their purpose, as opposed to going in a totally different or opposite direction. When God comes to judge, I want to ascend not descend so that means sticking to God’s guidelines and reasons for trusting certain individuals with specific gifts. I’m not strange, I’m just blessed with what sometimes feels like a curse.

Now, as far as being a looneytick due to a family that does everything wrong except mess up a house and eat is already well known by those who have known me the longest. It’s been an interesting week and now comes the weekend. Sorry I didn’t choose to share some different things such as going to church on some Sunday’s being overwhelmed by a lot of raw emotions, very CHALLENGING whew!

Stay safe, stay sane, and be blessed!

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