Seven Facts: Recapped

Fact#1– As a child I was sometimes able to hear and see things my family couldn’t.

Fact #2–I was the only one in my family that endured odd encounters and uneasiness.

Fact #3– I was and still am a very sensitive and interesting attraction for the supernatural realm.

Fact #4–After we relocated from Ohio to Tennessee I rarely got a good night’s worth of sleep.

Fact #5– After his death, I had an opportunity to converse with my grandfather but refused to do so.

Fact #6–As a more mature person in Christ and allowing my gifts to go full bloom I was able to help a desperate cousin to move out of a house that imprisoned some ugly memories from its past.

Fact #7–I sought psychiatric counseling because I thought I was crazy.

And here’s one to ponder on. Being the only two people in the home a lot of the times my mother and I have endured our share of hush, hush moments. Meaning we dealt with the things we couldn’t see but never really talked about them outside of our home. If I had to place blame anywhere more than likely I’d say that for some reason I’m the bait.

Here’s a tiny tot to nibble on while trying to decide if I really am crazy, a straight out liar fabricating some things or if I truly am a highly gifted person.

One year after my brother returned home from vacation he decided to go backwards and with that he started drinking again, heavily, and I assumed what he was doing was displeasing and as long as we’d been living there we never had trouble with our refrigerator. Until one night when he opened the fridge to get him a beer; he was startled when the bulb broke right before his very eyes. He came and looked at me strangely and gave me the bulb that had broken in half. But, why did he go back to the refrigerator again and get another beer? He already had one!! You see my friend, the strange thing is that he took that beer and left the house. So, who was in the fridge? I investigated and saw absolutely no one. Perhaps he angered an unseen loiterer. After all “he” did have the run of the house while brother was away. Alpha ghosty, maybe?!

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