What Do You Want For Christmas?

What Do You Want For CHRISTmas?

That is the magic question. Well, it was when I was younger. I used to be able to tell anyone right off the top of my head what I wanted and I wasn’t an easy “baby girl” to buy for and THAT—always lead to me getting money. After a while I made it even more difficult for those around me because I stopped taking the money, in my opinion, it’s rather thoughtless. If you’re going to gift me you should know me at least a smidgen of a bit to know what I like or need or better yet know that I appreciate whatever comes from the heart.

As the years have rolled on and I’ve endure more and more in life I find that that question no longer has a specific answer, therefore it has become one of rhetoric. I no longer desire material things instead I find that my “taste buds” desire things of supernatural substance. I don’t want money, clothing, perfume or anything that can be easily destroyed, used up or thrown away. I want someTHINGS that are eternal, things that will last forever, things that are indestructible. I want the things that I can take with me when I’m no longer in this flesh. Yes, I want things that will continue to mold me to be more and more pleasing to God. Forget a new car, the signature fragrance, those beautiful shoes and anything else—not that there’s anything wrong with them—because it isn’t. Those things won’t make me better in God’s eyes and I can’t take them out of this world with me. But, I can use and take the spiritual gifts and the abundance of free spiritual components and inner man characteristics that are the building blocks of a holy and righteous woman (in my case) seeking to be pleasing to God with me if they are embedded in my soul. 

So, if you want to know what I want for CHRISTmas—I want to be more pleasing to and prepared for God.

With Much Agape Love,
His Lady In Waiting

Always remember that Mary had Christ so that we could have a Merry CHRISTmas.

So, what do you want for CHRISTmas?

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