A Special Prayer

Dear Lord,

I boldly come to you this day. I ask that you calm the minds of those that are confused, bitter, disturbed, and most of all lost in a sin that’s causing many to stir in a cauldron of chaos. Deliver the blind, oh Lord that their eyes may be closed to the world and opened to you that they may get an understanding of Your word. Oh Lord, they persecute us, your devoted ones, for divine correction and verbal reprimanding, they call You names, they scoff at us for firmly standing and believing in You and Your word. Lord, my heart hurts for those that follow the urges of the flesh and I ask that you deliver them and if it be Your will, YOUR WILL Lord, move every stumbling block that Satan thinks he has sealed in the pathways that cause the people to stray. Lord, let the world know that You, YOU are God and still on the throne and Lord I ask that you forgive those that have yet to be introduced to your Holy word. Finally, my King I beg of You to forgive those that have lashed out at my sister Kim Burrell because she delivered Your word–bless those that need to be blessed and thoroughly discipline and reprimand those that need to be corrected.



With much Agape love,

His lady in waiting

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