Big Things Coming For This Little Blog That’s Going

Greetings my siblings in Christ! I recall saying that this year will be better for this blog and despite everything I’ve encountered; from the reincarceration of a brother and being in court for him to my mother having spinal surgery and almost losing her to a “sleeping” G.I. tract postoperatively– I am keeping my word. I’m searching for merchandise to finally get the little SOUL’D OUT store open. I’ve found some rather lenient merchants and suppliers so things are looking up. Just think, some people will be able to let the world know they truly are SOUL’D OUT to God. In the color of royalty. I’m also looking for jewelry that satisfies my spiritual eye as well. What color?! Why, the color of royalty, of course! So, I want to thank everyone of you that has subscribed to this little blog that’s headed for bigger things in Christ.

Never be afraid to wave your banner and let the world know who you’re fighting for. It’s blood stained with the blood of Christ and that blood is responsible for carrying us, the believer(s), over every speed bump and rickety bridge that we encounter as we journey to higher ground.


With Much Agape Love,

His Lady In Waiting (ALWAYS)

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