He Had Better Leave Me Alone!!

Okay ya’ll!! Do ya’ll EVER get tired of the debil [(devil–pronounced the same way)] messing with you? Yeah, he done broke me down to talking like a simple southern and unedubacated yokel. He never gets tired of playing stupid games. And, I do mean stupid. How you gon’ present stupidity on a different plate and try to convince me it’s something entirely new? I have the senses to know and understand that you’re not offering me anything different. Look man—your tactics are all played out. You KNOW you need to leave me alone. If I could I would: Use a metal, spiked cross and crack both of your kneecaps, scrape you up in a raggedy, refurbished wheelchair that’s just barely mobile, treat you to the buffet at KFC, roll you back outside, oil your wheelchair so that it moves with ease and simply ¬†push you out onto a 4-lane highway during rush hour. Oh, I’d even be kind to you; I’ll wait until I see a few older model Freightliner rigs coming and let them demolish you. The older model rigs are PURE metal monsters and they’ll put you out of your misery a little quicker. That’s more than what you do for me. The devil is a sucker and he had better leave me alone. I love—–I just love that’s it. I love you for reading this and laughing but I mean evra’ word I wrote.

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