My Deep Awakening

Immense, careless but obedient tornadoes, unimaginable and unrestricted floods, dangerously, extreme, arid heat, attentive, unexpected earthquakes, seemingly neverending rain, intentionally devistating hurricanes, mindless yet carefully careless tsunamis, fluffy coldness that can become an icy burden and other uncontrollable, phenomenal environmental acts of what’s tagged as “nature” or “mother nature”. I beg to differ! I know Who commands these things that they must obey. Seeing such draws me nearer to Thee and I gladly accept the euphoric rush in my heart when witnessing these things in person but more and most often via visual proof shared by others. I know heartbreak and heartache has been the outcome many, many times and still I can’t help but to have more love and respect in my heart for only You. Destructive or not as I marvel at the aftermath of these things, my heart has skipped many a beat as I call Your name. They think I’m crazy but they don’t understand. I’ve surpassed natural understanding and have entered the awakening realm of……..You. Sometimes I’m so, so selfishly sorry that I have to share You with the world. Although You’re mine, You are not mine alone…*sigh*

Life is life, it can be a thing of surface skimming simplicity or a progressively‚Äč developing deep diamond mine in progress. I prefer the latter when it comes to what’s placed on the table of life before me regarding my spiritual walk with Christ. I often pray that He gives me a deeper depth of understanding and instill within me the wisdom needed to conquer the accomplishment of satisfactory UNDERstanding–under is the key word here. If you desire to truly know you’ll need to go much deeper than the surface of life and what’s readily available to you. Deeper in Him, deeper……. in Him.

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