Search Me, Oh Lord

If the Lord wanted to search you, would He find Himself in you? Where would He be found? Is He portioned out or limited bountifully or scarcrely? He rules my heart but I realized that my mind would be a terrible thing to waste so I think about Him that much and this much.Continue to be blessed because you know you are.

God bless,

With much Agape love,

Always His lady in waiting

Just A Little Thanks

I just wanted to encourage everyone and anyone to thank God for the beauty of each and every passing day no matter if it’s cloudy, rainy or sunny– thank God for these days.

I don’t know where you are in the world but I live in the southern area of the United States, Tennessee to be exact and the days have been such a beautifully, balanced mixture of comfort. This kind of comfort can only come by the gracious outpouring of an excess of mercy from God. 

Thank you, Lord.

May you be blessed in every righteous endeavor you partake in.

Something To Think About

Resting In Peace or Resting In Hell

I read morbid headlines every single day and nothing is more morbid or tragic than death, we all know that. I’m a realist and I don’t like things sugar coated and I don’t like to sugar coat things; those THINGS being the truth or many truths. I’m certainly perplexed by the lifestyles of mankind. Why?! That shouldn’t even be a question but since it probably is I’ll bluntly get to the point.

When we leave this life and wait for God to judge us the loved ones or next of kin or friends, even, of the deceased is almost ALWAYS comforted with a line such as or similar to…….”well, he or she is resting in peace now and they don’t have to worry about pain and suffering any more.”, okay if you say so— but what some people fail to realize is that an individual’s eternal life will be based upon what they did in their temporary life.

It’s indeed something to think about. Why is it that when a person has raised all manner of the devil while they lived everyone expects them to rest in sweet, peaceful, easiness for the rest of eternity? Think about it. I’m not the Judge, Jury, or Executioner I’m just a nobody trying to encourage anybody and everybody to examine and reexamine thyself. If you’re raising miniature devils here on earth what makes you think you deserve to rest in God’s sweet peace when you’ve come to the end of your journey? That sweet peace is reserved for the REAL SOLDIERS of God not the bitter embers.

The world raises heck and everybody wants to go to Heaven. It’s not going to happen. Sugar coating is for satisfaction of the flesh and there is no way the soul can benefit from such. My words are bitterly sweet but they’re something to think about. Ascend or descend what do you want to do?!



His lady in waiting

…and for everyone else

With much agape love,


Happy Father’s Day

I’d like to take this time to wish all father’s a very Happy Father’s Day.  I would also like to say Happy Father’s Day to God. Am I the only one to realize the fact that if there were no God there would have been no Jesus?! So, Happy Father’s Day God and thank You for sacrificing Your son, Jesus Christ without either of you there would be no Holy Ghost because we would have no need for “a comforter” but without you there would be no Jesus and without Jesus there would be no opportunity to choose eternal life of everlasting torment. I’ve chosen life……in Heaven.

I can’t wait to see You.



His Lady In Waiting,

And to my brothers (and sisters) in Christ Much Agape Love,


Spilled Milk?!

They say there’s no sense in crying over spilled milk but I beg to differ– there have been MANY MANY days that I’ve looked into my “me mirror” and sobbed uncontrollably on the inside. I’m NOT ego tripping, I’ve already looked into my “ego mirror” and there’s nothing going on there but an empty canvas, with no plans for nothing new any time soon.


Just an honest reality check.


To the most highest SIR, (JESUS)

With love always from Your lady in waiting

And…to the rest of you with much agape love,







Taste Him & Taste Him Again

You can’t spell GOOD without spelling GOD and HEEEEE’S soooooo good until He’s delicious. I’m not just crazy, I’m crazy in love with that Man. I have the type of relationship with Him where I can conversate with Him like I talk to anyone else. I chat, complain, mumble, cry, moan, groan and express EVERY emotion to and with Him that I would any other person but with Him things are supernaturally different. I don’t have to worry about a man beating on me or mistreating me when I express my innermost emotions about things. I just don’t have to worry about any repercussions that wouldn’t benefit me when I say what’s on my mind.

Friend(s) I want to encourage you today. If you’ve ever had a relationship with God and you walked away or turned your back on Him, try Him again and work hard on the relationship now I’m not saying His burden is easy but carrying that cross wasn’t easy either. God worked a situation, no, two situations out in my family’s favor this day. And, just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse… got BETTER. Hope you understand that.

Taste Him if you haven’t or taste Him again if you have.


With Much Agape Love,

H.L.I.W — (His Lady In Waiting)


Psalm 34:8–” O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.”