Time To Go Further

So, for some time now It may seem as though I’ve been edgy, over emotional and just plain old hyped up well…. I know why and it’s time for me to go further. It’s time that I press towards the mark of the Master’s high call. I’ve had to literally feel my way around for some years now without sufficient help from no one but God. I had to know why I was able to see, sometimes hear, and feel what others can’t. I’m afraid that I’ve been seen as a nothing and a nobody because I don’t own a fancy car and house, dress to the nines, and have boocoodles of money to dish out. How fortunate for me that God can reach out and take what mankind rejects and use them for His purpose. My journey to spiritual self discovery has been fantastic. I’m honored to accept such a position for God. Besides, NEEDING formal training I also need to go and help those that are in dire need of someone like me be it written or verbal revelation 

I’ve been in and out visiting different organized places of worship but never being ultimately comfortable, if that makes sense. I’m comfortable with the Lord and marvel in His presence daily but when surrounded by congregants or a multitude of people it’s as though I can “feel” every emotion in the building and it’s​ as if everyone is yelling at me and I begin to “share” their emotions. That within itself can be conflicting but not necessarily in a negative way. 

I’m preparing myself to accept my God given invitation into the prophetic ministry. And am in search of formal training so that I can conduct myself in a decent manner; we know that God is a man of organization and specific etiquette.

Now you know and I know so we all know where I’m preparing to go as I ease around the next corner in my life. I desire and long to be beneficial and obedient on behalf of God’s word. Being among those that know me and telling them what’s​ down the road for them is not practical because they don’t listen to what God has revealed to me on their behalf. With that being said I was lead to read John 4:44.

I ask that you pray for me as I step out on faith and take full responsibility for what He has for me to do.

God bless you

We Are Not…

Worthy to be in His presence. We’re not even worthy or deserving of the extensions of the grace or mercy allotted to us from dusk to dawn and back again. We (mankind) are nothing more than a disappointment to our King and still He gives us the opportunity to become acceptable unto Him so that we may dwell in His Kingdom for eternity. Humble thyself, my brothers and sisters in Christ and yield yourselves to the downward spiral of humility so that you may ascend towards the height of perfection– perfection that’s fit for our King.



Be Encouraged!

My sisters and brothers, in CHRIST, be still, be quiet, and above ALL stay loyal to the LORD of hosts. If you have a relationship with The Man DO NOT be discouraged when despair casts a shadow over you. But know, that it is His will to draw you closer to Him and aspire you to higher heights in Him. Can you, will you…stand in these final days of conflict?


Remember–your, mine, our Redeemer lives and our help and strength comes from the Lord.

LOL @ The Devil (Edited)



Heeeerr’s a ride to Hell!! Go ahead and purchase your ‘hicula*. You can do better with God because you don’t need a car to get anywhere…He just takes you there.


*’Hicula  (pronounced hick-you-luh) — something that was once a complete and operable vehicle free of mechanical defects. But not anymore. 



Edited to correct errors.

A Special Prayer–The State Of Mankind

With each passing day it seems as though shootings are multiplying and in general crime is more common in the news than happier headlines my heart is so very heavy and therefore I’d like to share a special prayer.

         “Heavenly Father please have mercy, not on the world, but upon us, human beings. We were created for a different purpose but some who have that knowledge have abandoned Your will, others have yet to get to know You and our TRUE purpose and even worse there are some who refuse to believe or even acknowledge You as the creator of every living thing including the universe. Lord, for everything that goes against Your will I am sorry. Lord, I’m so sorry that so many hearts have grown cold and stony. For those of us that love, long for, and await You and Your return give us the strength and courage to endure and harvest more souls for Your kingdom. For we know not when You’ll come. Continue to keep us safe in this mad environment. Amen”


Matthew 24:12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

Somebody’s Watching

Somebody’s Watching (Something To Think About)

God is an omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent God; He knows all, sees all, and is everywhere.

I often wonder if anyone realizes the fact that He’s watching and sees the things that are done behind closed doors or the deeds participated in when done in the dark and/or the “darkness”. I realized years ago that just as the song said–“there’ll be NO hiding place”– there’s NO hiding place NOW. 

The soul is a thing of transparency to God and there’s NOTHING you can hide from Him. I heard another song say—“search me Lord”. He doesn’t have to search us, He already knows.

I wonder how many of us examine ourselves periodically in order to acknowledge the lingering flaws that keep us even one step from His preferential perfection.

Examine thyself, search thine own heart, and be VERY careful about the things you do because…….God is watching you, God is watching me.

Now that’s something to think about.

God bless!

With much Agape love,

Always His lady in waiting,


Spilled Milk?!

They say there’s no sense in crying over spilled milk but I beg to differ– there have been MANY MANY days that I’ve looked into my “me mirror” and sobbed uncontrollably on the inside. I’m NOT ego tripping, I’ve already looked into my “ego mirror” and there’s nothing going on there but an empty canvas, with no plans for nothing new any time soon.


Just an honest reality check.


To the most highest SIR, (JESUS)

With love always from Your lady in waiting

And…to the rest of you with much agape love,







It’s All About HIM

Greetings my brothers and sisters in CHRIST. I apologize for slacking over the past few days but I’m going on about my Father’s business. I’m officially working on a LIMITED run of the poetry chapbook set and it has some little surprises and I’m also considering a contest to give away a few copies  of the first book in the 3 booklet set. I haven’t made a concrete decision yet. But, if you’re a follower you may want to keep your eyes and ears open.

Wishing you all a blessed day and week.


With Much Agape Love,


Taste Him & Taste Him Again

You can’t spell GOOD without spelling GOD and HEEEEE’S soooooo good until He’s delicious. I’m not just crazy, I’m crazy in love with that Man. I have the type of relationship with Him where I can conversate with Him like I talk to anyone else. I chat, complain, mumble, cry, moan, groan and express EVERY emotion to and with Him that I would any other person but with Him things are supernaturally different. I don’t have to worry about a man beating on me or mistreating me when I express my innermost emotions about things. I just don’t have to worry about any repercussions that wouldn’t benefit me when I say what’s on my mind.

Friend(s) I want to encourage you today. If you’ve ever had a relationship with God and you walked away or turned your back on Him, try Him again and work hard on the relationship now I’m not saying His burden is easy but carrying that cross wasn’t easy either. God worked a situation, no, two situations out in my family’s favor this day. And, just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse…..it got BETTER. Hope you understand that.

Taste Him if you haven’t or taste Him again if you have.


With Much Agape Love,

H.L.I.W — (His Lady In Waiting)


Psalm 34:8–” O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.”