Search Me, Oh Lord

If the Lord wanted to search you, would He find Himself in you? Where would He be found? Is He portioned out or limited bountifully or scarcrely? He rules my heart but I realized that my mind would be a terrible thing to waste so I think about Him that much and this much.Continue to be blessed because you know you are.

God bless,

With much Agape love,

Always His lady in waiting

LOL @ The Devil (Edited)



Heeeerr’s a ride to Hell!! Go ahead and purchase your ‘hicula*. You can do better with God because you don’t need a car to get anywhere…He just takes you there.


*’Hicula  (pronounced hick-you-luh) — something that was once a complete and operable vehicle free of mechanical defects. But not anymore. 



Edited to correct errors.

The Value Of Your Time

What’s it worth? Huh, what’s it worth? Your time…? I’ve been sitting at the foot of a mighty throne now for about 8 years. As a single woman I hope to inspire and encourage other single women to ask themselves what “their” time is worth. Sure, I’m single but I’m not alone. It has taken me these entire EIGHT years to kindle the relationship that I have with an exclusively, extraordinarily, ONEder(full) MAN. My relationship went deeper when I realized that this special Man can see and has seen every single thing I do and have done from sun up to sun down. He has seen me looking my worst and my best, with clothing and without and although I criticize and even scrutinize myself He still loves me without so much as a wandering eye. It took me 8 years to get the relationship I have with Him full of burning love and desire. I assessed myself and now I’m asking you–what’s your time worth? I’ve spent too many mornings and nights working on this relationship and I can tell you that it’s not worth it. Not 30 minutes, not an hour, a day, a night, a week, a month, not even 2 faithful, dedicated years in a relationship that satisfies the carnal desires of the flesh worth the neverending, abundantly, satisfactory love affair that I have with God. I’ll keep holding out on the flesh and holding on to God because I love sitting at the foot of His throne and I’m determined not to move. The devious desires of the flesh are just…. not…. worth….my….time. Celibacy—abstinence…hold it down because it’s not worth it.


So, I ask you what’s it worth?


His lady in waiting always,

With much agape love,